I brought my son for coding classes and because I did not have any time to have a lunch, I am having lunch at Pho place right now.

Yesterday, I bought a new iPhone. It is upgrade from 6s+ to Xs. I am happy with the upgrade, had some problems to reactivate Duo, but everything else went very smooth. I like the new way without home button, I like smaller size of the phone and slightly bigger screen. I was thinking a lot about switching to Android ecosystem, but I realized I do not have mental energy to do it. I use 1Password for instance and all passwords stored in iCloud, I have no idea how to transfer them to Android. Or this app Working Copy, probably I would need to buy all this apps again or find analogs. Pain. Face ID is good improvement, I do not noticing it, it is noticeable only if it fails to recognize your face, it happened once then my head was covered with hoodie, and other time when my fingers were in the way.

I disabled True Tone, looks weird.

Several days ago I found ravine in Minecraft. I was looking for a village, but found ravine, so I am building mining operation in ravine. I was looking for a village because I want to build armor stand, and I need to take something from village.

Also I want to see something under water, but it kind or hard to start alchemy at this point. Everything is mined in nether.

Ok. Pho was good. It is almost time to pick up my son from the classe.