Game 06: Brainstorming session

Action RPG “Ordy”

Name ideas:

  • Supernaturals
  • Accident
  • 2072
  • “Disabled”
  • Subnatural
  • Ordinary
  • Neatpower — use it instead of mana
  • Ordy


  • Ordy — came from ordinary, people without abilities
  • neatpower — basically “mana” needed to fire the abilities

The Premise

Year 2022 one of magician named Emily Ray was showing some levitation, telekinesis and fire emitting trick. Also, she was claiming she can teach random people to do similar tricks. She was calling some random person from the crowd, hypnotizing the person and making them to repeat her tricks. The strange thing was happening, after returning home the person was continuing to be able to do what they learned during the show. Also, they were able to transfer the ability to other people.

In the middle of 2023 almost whole Earth population have supernatural abilities. World has changed.

In 5 years supernatural becomes a new norm. Almost everyone has telekinetic, levitation, telepathy, fire-generation abilities. Very small percent did not get supernatural abilities, they at this point were considered as “disabled”, and got the nickname “ordinary” and later it shortened to “ordy”.

Cars, stoves, chairs, beds, elevators become obsolete. Car are abandoned, and laying on the side of the roads collecting rust. Roads also not in use, they are covered with cracks and vegetation is growing through cracks. Some companies started making new appliances, for example stoves did not have any connections to the gas, because people could make a fire out of thin air.

Mobile operators need to start collaboration with the cellphone manufactures to be able to disable the phone on the certain altitude because people were flying on the high altitudes and overloading the cellular network.

Steam-engines are become popular.

Some people can heal. Doctors and hospitals are changed.

We have list of basic abilities and list of abilities only some people can have.

Some people can teleport and teleport with others. They started a teleportation company.

All abilities use the mana.

Food restores HP. Beverages restore mana.

We have space restaurants and hotels on the orbit. You can get here by flying in the spacesuit, or you can teleport.

You have spacesuit in your closet.

You need to buy a propane tank for electricity and stove.


Oxygen for the spacesuit. Upgrades for the spacesuit.

Basic abilities:


Speed-limit 500 MPH (depends on the level). Some can fly faster some can fly slower. No height limits, but cold and air is limiting factor. You can wear a special “spacesuit”.

Strength controls how fast you can fly.

Fly speed also depends of altitude and area, just to make game play easier.


Moving the objects on the distance. The range is about 200 yards. Accuracy of the movement decreases over the distance. Weight limit is 3 tons (depends on the level). One object only.

Dexterity - controls accuracy Strength - controls weight limit


Shooting a fireball. Making a fire in place. This fire could last for a day. Depends on the force.

Force - controls how long fire can last and how match NP is used.


Ability to read the mind of people in the range of 200 yards. Ability to make thoughts private.

Additional abilities:

Healing / Doctor

  • broken bones
  • viral, bacterial infections
  • cancer
  • poison
  • parasites
  • aging Healing is almost instantaneous takes no more than seconds.

During the healing session mobs spawn, and you can fight against them.

Dexterity Force


Can bring to live any person died no longer than 10 days ago.

Dexterity Strength


Can teleport any place the person visited ones, can teleport with itself up to 5 additional people.

strength controls how far you can teleport. Strength controls how many people you can take with you.


Ability to control computers.

During the hacking session or anti-hacking session mobs spawns, and you have to fight against mobs.


underwater breathing


Strength controls how fast NP goes down

controlling animals

detecting if someone uses supernatural abilities

Intelligence controls how sensitive the ability.

You can switch to the detecting state and fight with mobs. Do not do it outside of the casino, you may die.


  • memory
  • calculators
  • getting energy from the sun
  • no need for sleeping
  • Invisibility
  • Seeing things behind the walls

Skills (they do not require supernatural power)


Riding bike

The Core Game Loop

The hero does quests for money. Quests are basically a job. You can use your money for food and other necessary things, but the main reason why you need them money you can use them to have a therapy session to be able to get back your abilities.

Quests ideas:

  • helping on the farm
  • pizza delivery
  • washing dishes


Some ideas for the enemy: 1) Somebody made the portal and … 2) Somebody invented the way disable supernatural abilities


Leveling Up System (Progression)

Visiting a therapist to get abilities back. XP Money HP (Hit Points) NP (Neat Power)

Loot System

Loot from clatter. Clatter on the street. Trash Containers. Loot from the ocean bed. From the field’s soil. Customers can tip you with the artifacts. Randomly on the floor.

  • Artifacts - can improve/give your abilities stats.
  • Food
  • drinks
  • Recipes
  • Spiritual armor - can give you protection from mobs
  • Spiritual weapon - can make your attacks stronger

The hero story

Darkness. Why it is so dark here? You realized your eyes are closed. You are slowly opening your eyes. Not only that, but you can see a worrying face of Sophia.

You ask:

— What just happened?

Sophia does not say anything.

— What just happened? — you ask again.

The girl gets the tablet and typed on it:

— You died in the terrible accident, you were flying very low in the city and crashed on the skyscraper. We called for the necromancer to resurrect you, but all necromancers were busy, it took 11 days to find a necromancer.

— But necromancer cannot resurrect after 10 days of death? — you asked.

— Yes, this is true. We begged the necromancer to at least to try. He tried and look, you are alive.

— Why you are typing on the tablet, why you are not using your telepathic abilities?

— You lost all your abilities after this terrible accident. You cannot hear my telepathic messages. Do not worry I made the appointment with a therapist Jane. Just go visit her.

The hero has to relearn all new abilities.

Quest: Clean the clatter in the apartment

Quest: First session with the therapist to get the telepathy ability

This session will use up all your money.

Reoccurring Quest: Wash dishes in the restaurant

Quest: Buy a gas stove

Reoccurring Quest: Farming

Reoccurring Quest: Dog walker

Reoccurring Quest: Old-school Restaurant Server

Some customers like to have a traditional server in restraint. Modern restaurants are soulless, you can talk directly to the cook and cook can deliver the food on the table using telekinetic power.

Reoccurring Quest: Bartender

Quest: Learn to ride a bicycle

Reoccurring Quest: Pizza delivery

Quest: Deliver pizza into the space hotel

Quest: Deliver pizza into the hotel on the top on Niagara fall

The hotel is constantly supported by team of levitating people.

Quest: Deliver beverages to people supporting the Niagara fall hotel

Reoccurring Quest: Security Guard

Reoccurring Quest: Pest Control Worker

Reoccurring Quest: Housekeeper

Owner explicitly allows you to take everything what you find.

Reoccurring Quest: Plumber

Reoccurring Quest: Librarian

Free teleport service.

Reoccurring Quest: Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Free teleport service.

Reoccurring Quest: Customer Service Representative


Reoccurring Quest: TelepUBER

Reoccurring Quest: Holding the hotel

Reoccurring Quest: Healing people

Reoccurring Quest: Resurrecting people

Reoccurring Quest: Gold Mining in the bed of Pacific Ocean

Reoccurring Quest: Work in casino look for cheaters


Emily Ray — magician from 2022 Sophia — friend of the main hero Jane — the therapist Philip — owner of old-school restaurant on the Earth Joshua — server 1 Camilla — server 2 Richard — server 3 Eric — cashier in the shop Stella — owner of the orbital hotel Debora — owner of Niagara Fall hotel Sam — owner of the farm Mika — owner of dogs and household owner 1 Arty — household owner 2 Sylvester — household owner 3 Luis — owner of the bar Clara — owner of pizzeria Tamara — owner of the library Galina — owner of the plumber company Katrina — HR of software corporation “SavageDance” Victor — HR of LiftOBER Bob — owner of the goldmine operation Rodriguez — owner of the casino


  • Los Angeles
    • therapy
    • restaurant
    • bar
    • pizzeria
    • shop
    • “SavageDance” HQ
    • “LiftOBER” HQ
    • Home
    • Sophia’s home maybe
  • Niagara Fall
  • Orbital hotel
  • Las Vegas casino
  • Pacific Ocean goldmine ship
  • Random Library (random places since you are going to be teleported to the place)
  • Random HQ (random places since you are going to be teleported to the place)


  • steam engine
  • gas stove
  • propane tank
  • bed
  • cellphone
  • restaurant tables
  • old-school restaurant chairs
  • teleport area