Started on the clatter quest

I created a clatter actor. For now it is just a cube. I started implementing the highlighter in the actor, but later I decided it is better to do the similar way as I did in CPV&G game with the interactable component.

I started a mocking up the clatter quest class. The idea for the quest system, quests will have a list of TODO items and on each TODO item player has to do something (e.g. remove 5 cluttered items).

I made initial implementation of the clatter quest spawner. It is an actor, and when player bumps on it the actor will spawn the quest and attach it to the player.

I added the following UI items on the HUD: HP, NP (neatpower), XP, player’s level, money, and list of quest.

I kind of settled on the list of abilities:

  • levitation;
  • telekinesis;
  • pyrokinesis;
  • telepathy;
  • healing;
  • necromancy;
  • teleportation;
  • hacking;
  • underwater breathing;
  • neatpower detection.

Also skills:

  • cooking;
  • riding bike.

Each ability and skill will have a certain level.