Dialog System, Telepathy Quest, Dishwasher Quest

For dialog system I added UDialogItem class to store the dialog line in it. It has to be derived from UObject. I implemented the dialog line extraction in UDialogLineUi and put it in the UTextBlock. I do not know why it is so complicated, but I guess UE4 engineers are obsessed with model view pattern. Anyways I have some working dialog system, can show the dialog, and hide it. Can click on dialog line and have some reaction on the click. And on clicking on the cancel dialog is getting closed.

I made Jane to populate the dialog and show it on interaction event. Also, I added some preparation for the future. If player have got a telepathy ability Jane populates the dialog with other abilities: levitation, telekinesis and pyrokinesis.

I made a dishwasher quest. In this quest the hero goes to Philip the owner of the restaurant and he/she needs to wash dishes, for doing this quest the hero will get $7.80.

And bicycle quest, but I am to lazy to describe what did I do for the bicycle quest.