In general things did not change. Try to be happy, and make people around you happy. I like making games and upcoming release will add some happiness in the world. Where is a some roughness in the situation but in general the outcome is in positive.

Passed one and half year I have got quite a lot of gray hairs. I am getting old. My vision degraded, it is harder to hear high pitch noises. At some point I am going to die. And the thing is dead me cannot be happy, and cannot make other people happy. I guess, I may be a terrible person alive and after my death a lot of people may become happy, but I think you have got the idea. And you may think, this is the live. People born, live and die. You cannot do anything with it.

I think I can. I think we can figure out immortality. Researches with telomeres are very promising. Of course, lifestyle can extend the life expectancy, but not going to give immortality, unfortunately.

Anyway, today during the walk I was thinking, should I stop relay on researches and be proactive about it. I was thinking maybe I should join some research lab and try to help. Software engineers are needed everywhere.

But while I am writing this, I am thinking maybe I should try to figure out by myself. Maybe find some books and read them first.

I’ll not do anything for now. I’ll let it soak, will see if I’ll get some better ideas or if I find some holes in my thinking.