Yesterday I spent about 2 hours trying to get the copy of my hotel receipt. It was a total mess. First, the hotel lost the reservation for the whole group. Luckily, they had rooms. But we put our credit cards (not company ones) in the system. Yesterday, I was trying to get the receipt copy, and the whole my stay was missing in the system. I called them, and the representative kept asking me about the reservation number, and I kept telling her I did not have one; I had an old canceled one. She was asking me about my membership number. I checked my account; I have nothing on my account, but I gave her my account number anyway. Of course, she found nothing, and she asked me again about my reservation number; I repeated to her, I had the only old one, and finally, can you imagine she hung up on me. I called them back, and the second representative was more reasonable. And he was able to find my receipt.