From Big Project to Small Games: My 2023 Resolutions as an Indie Developer

Hello everyone! In this video, I’m sharing my resolutions for the coming year as an indie game developer. Last year, I worked on a big action RPG game, but it ended up feeling like a never-ending project. So, in 2023, I want to focus on making smaller games in a shorter amount of time. My first resolution is to release 5 games on Steam, and to do this, I’m giving myself 3 months for each game to focus on quality and polish. I also have two other games that I’ve been working on that I plan to release in the next year.

But I also realize that my games didn’t do well in the past because I didn’t have enough supporters to help build hype and promote them. So, my second goal is to build a strong community of supporters. To do this, I plan to stream on Twitch at least 200 times and make 100 YouTube videos next year. This will help me focus on building my audience and creating a community of supporters that will be crucial in helping me sell my games and grow my indie developer career.

In addition to these active goals, I also have some passive goals as metrics to indicate that I am on the right track to becoming an indie game developer. I hope you’ll join me on this journey and watch my progress as I work towards my 2023 resolutions. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next year!

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