TIL; gettimeofday() does not do a roundtrip to kernel thanks to vDSO.

I see so much good CG, now IRL sometimes looks fake.

Case insensitive search in vim

You can set the ic option in Vim before the search:

:set ic

To go back to case-sensitive searches use:

:set noic

ic is shorthand for ignorecase

Epic Asset Manager

Epic Asset Manager to be able to download Unreal Engine assets on Linux.

flatpak is evil

Switch graphics on Pop OS

From the command line

If you are not using the GNOME Desktop Environment, you can use the system76-power command line tool. You can see the options with this command: system76-power help

For seeing which graphics mode the system is using: sudo system76-power graphics

For switching to NVIDIA graphics: sudo system76-power graphics nvidia

For switching to integrated graphics: sudo system76-power graphics integrated

For switching to hybrid graphics: sudo system76-power graphics hybrid

For switching to compute mode: sudo system76-power graphics compute

I still know kung fu

I still know kung fu :Facepalm:

Today I Noticed; USPS vehicles do not have a license plate

This is the sign I should stop watching TikTok

This is the sign I should stop watching TikTok. I learned about the AWS outage from TikTok first and later from my work.

We just arrived to La Paz and got the hotel for 2 nights

Diet Coca-Cola taste better in Mexico

Diet Coca-Cola taste better in Mexico. It is not high fructose syrup vs real sugar.

Ok. We are in Mexico

Ok. We are in Mexico. It took some time to figure out data situation for streaming. It is going to be expensive but it is working. Roughly is it going to cost me $20-25 per day.

Is it me or don’t loughs challenges are not hard at all?

AT&T keeps spamming me about HBO Plus

AT&T keeps spamming me about HBO Plus and I have no idea how to stop it. I tried to figure out how to contact support hit a bot, I sent a “stop” message, did not help. I tried to report the number and ended up reporting my own email address.

I run the outdoor test stream…

I run the outdoor test stream, a hike to the top of the world. The Internet connection was stable all the way up, and the stream started crashing at the top. It crashed 5 times. I need to figure out something with it.

Mexico streaming set up

Mexico streaming set up:

  • Fixed not like it between switches.
  • Figured out how to stream from the iPhone screen.
  • TODO: try to stream with a weak data signal (maybe tomorrow).

Poppet game:

  • Implemented toy animation.

Clara’s Diary:

  • Added keyboard noises.
  • Added BGM.


I am happy with the streaming setup. The funny think would be in Mexico we will not have Internet. I will try to stream in wilderness with the spotty internet. Will see how it looks.

I have got a new iPhone 13

I have got a new iPhone 13. I have got it just in anticipation my current phone will become slow and battery will become bad. It did not happened yet but it happened with my previous iPhones (4, 5 and 6). iPhone 13 is ugly and junky. They discontinued 3D touch. I ordered it online and was expecting it to be like iPhone 5. I really liked iPhone 5. But no. It is ugly. Not ugly ugly just average.