2021-10-16 08:06:51 +0000

I need to get in the circle of streamers and game developers. I maybe in general people. I run out of ideas what to do with my life. What and how to stream, what game to make and how to make money out of all this things.

2021-10-15 12:35:28 +0000

I am traveling for the first time since COVID-19 started, almost after 2 years. It is jarring how much COVID-19 become part of our life. Billboards everywhere about COVID testing. Signs everywhere about wearing mask, social distancing and washing hands. Questioners on every step: do you have COVID symptoms? are you willing to wear a mask? Tags reassuring the area was sanitized, air was filtrated and so on. The world is completely different.

2021-10-13 14:10:33 +0000

I bought a domain name mika.pink. LOL

2021-10-12 10:51:39 +0000

Today is cold. It is kind of nice to have a natural cold. It gives some nice vibe.

2021-10-12 00:37:09 +0000

Here is an idea for TikTok content. I am sending to Mohji tons of TikTok, and today after dinner I watched them, and they are soooooo good. It is like foryou but 10x better.

So my idea go through this list and make a duet. I am thinking to animate a character, just have some basic set of animations and sound effects and make duets.

2021-10-11 23:10:47 +0000

Today I went to get the COVID-19 test. Hopefully it would be negative. Nice thing added new way to be tested it is saliva test not a nose-swab test. I was thinking it would take about one hour, but it took 2 hours. We had a line.

The interesting thing, the whole test I did without leaving the car.

2021-10-11 09:21:39 +0000

I decide to stream on YouTube. I streamed on Twitch for one and half years and have got one $100 paycheck and around 500 followers, basically nothing. I am thinking the problem with the Twitch is a discoverability. It is hard to find suited to you streamers using Twitch search. Recommendations are very bad. There is a lot of talks about YouTube recommendation algorithm, I am hoping the algorithm will help me find followers.

2021-10-10 14:04:07 +0000

How to re-flow text in Emacs: fill-paragraph.

2021-10-10 13:55:53 +0000

Yesterday I watched an interview with MrBeast. One thing I took out from the interview is importance of the networking and just staying in touch with the people passion about your passion.

It will speed up dramatically your ability to learn about the topic. In his case making YouTube videos. Let say it will take one year to learn 20 things for one person. 4 people if they stay in touch and share with each other successes and failures it will take 4 times less time. So in one year they will learn 100 things instead of 20.

2021-10-10 09:42:18 +0000

Play simultaneously on all speakers:

pactl load-module module-combine-sink

Redirect mic to speakers:

pactl load-module module-loopback latency_msec=1