The software development process involves iterative planning, design, coding, testing, and deployment phases, with continuous feedback integration and issue resolution until the final product is ready for release.

The pseudo-code is below. Honestly, I think code review is not necessary.

while (has an idea, requirements, or design document?())
  do {
    make a technical design document();
    TDD review();
  } while (has unaddressed review comments?());
  add tasks in issue tracking software();
  while (has tasks?()) {
    auto state = State::implementation;
    while (state != State::done) {
      switch (state)
        case State::implementation: implement(); break;
        case State::compilation: fix compilation errors and warnings(); break;
        case State::static analysis: fix static analysis warnings(); break;
        case State::automated test: fix automated test issues(); break;
        case State::dev testing: fix issues from manual testing(); break;
        case State::code review: address code review comments(); break;
        case State::QA: fix bugs(); break;
        case State::production: address user feedback(); break;
      if (has errors or warnings?()) { state = State::compilation; continue; }
      static analysis();
      if (has static analysis warnings?()) { state = State::static analysis; continue; }
      run unit test and integration test();
      if (has automated test issues?()) { state = State::automated test; continue; }
      test manually();
      if (has issues from manual testing?()) { state = State::dev testing; continue; }
      code review();
      if (has unresolved code review comments?()) { state = State::code review; continue; }
      merge to the main branch();
      deploy to staging environment();
      if (has bugs?()) { state = State::QA; continue; }
      deploy to test production environment();
      if (has issues and unaddressed user feedback?()) { state = State::production; continue; }
      worldwide deployment();
      state = State::done;

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