I had my first experience with Full Self-Driving (FSD). Going into it, I was a bit anxious, given my past experiences with autosteer that left me somewhat skeptical about the reliability of such systems.

The drive lasted about 40 minutes, and I disengaged the system twice. The first disengagement occurred when approaching a partially opened gate. While the car seemed to believe it could make it through, the close proximity made me uncomfortable, so I took control. The second time, the car attempted a U-Turn where it was clearly marked as prohibited, prompting another manual intervention.

One aspect of FSD that stood out to me was its approach to acceleration and braking, which felt more assertive than my usual driving style. I wonder if there’s a way to adjust these settings to better match my preferences.

Another point of contention was the adherence to speed limits. The car stuck rigidly to them, which sometimes felt out of sync with the flow of traffic. For instance, in areas where the limit was 35 mph but the usual speed was closer to 20 mph, or in residential areas where the norm was around 10 mph, it would accelerate to 25 mph. So, I was constantly adjusting the speed, not to be a jerk to other drivers by driving too slowly, and to feel more safe by not driving too fast.

Sharp turns were another area where the ride felt less than smooth, coming off a bit jerky.

Despite these observations, there are several positive aspects worth highlighting. The lane-changing capability was notably smooth, showcasing the system’s advanced sensors and processing power. It’s remarkable to see how it can assess the surroundings and make swift decisions, often more quickly than a human driver might.

Overall, the ride was more or less comfortable, and the technology’s ability to navigate to its destination was genuinely impressive. Experiencing FSD firsthand offered a fascinating glimpse into the future of driving and the ongoing advancements in automotive technology. It’s clear that there’s a lot of potential here, and I’m excited to see how it evolves to enhance our driving experiences even further.

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