I’ve got it! Here is my rough outline plan for the next eight years.

I am going to make games. Currently, I am employed full-time, working 40 hours a week at my day job. However, I can dedicate an additional 45 hours each week to work on my games.

Step One: I will scope a game that I can make in three months and publish it on Steam. In parallel, I will look for investors. While I don’t necessarily need them, securing investment could allow me to quit my day job earlier and execute my plan faster. By the way, all my games are going to be free.

The first game will help build a foundation of supporters, and donations from these supporters will start coming in. I will then scope the next game for six months. I’ll rinse and repeat this process for the next two years.

At this point, I expect to have enough income from donations to quit my daytime job and focus fully on making my own games. I am aiming for around $3 million. With this income, I’ll set up a program to aid my friends and family, no strings attached, so they can enjoy their lives. I’ll probably start with $500 per month, increasing the support as my income grows.

Throughout this process, maintaining creative freedom is essential. While finding investors can accelerate my plans, I will ensure that any partnerships allow me to retain control and creativity in my projects.

Years 3-5: Over the next three years, I will continue making a new game every six months. As I gain experience and work full-time on my games. This means my games will become more and more attractive and awesome. I can relax a bit and work 60 hours a week instead of 85. By the end of the fifth year, I expect to have earned $250 million.

Years 6-8: I will keep up the momentum, aiming for a total of $1 billion by the end of the eighth year.

I will regularly re-evaluating my plan at every step.

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