🌸 Fri, Dec 9, 2022 🌸

It’s hunting me back. I need to learn how to tell great stories.

🌸 Thu, Dec 8, 2022 🌸

How to unzip to preserve Japanese characters in file names unzip -O shift-jis tandokuon.zip

🌸 Wed, Dec 7, 2022 🌸

The saying, “You got extremely lucky, you should buy a lottery ticket,” was always strange to me because in my mind luck is not a buff but an expendable resource like HP or mana. So if you get lucky, you should avoid doing things requiring luck, and wait until your luck is regene…

🌸 Wed, Dec 7, 2022 🌸

If I screwed up, I say I screwed up this, this and this. If somebody else screwed up, I am saying we did this, this and this. And I do it trying to have a blameless environment and keep the guy who screwed up anonymous, but I am thinking should I always use “we”? Because if I say…

🌸 Wed, Dec 7, 2022 🌸

It is amazing how quickly we are getting used to good things. Switching from a 144 Hz screen back to a 60 Hz one feels immediately sluggish.

🌸 Wed, Dec 7, 2022 🌸

I wish that instead of a scroll wheel on the mouse, there were just two small buttons with auto-repeat.

🌸 Tue, Dec 6, 2022 🌸

Don’t waste diamonds on the hoe; that’s a Minecraft rule.

🌸 Tue, Dec 6, 2022 🌸

Less is better. Keep it simple.

🌸 Mon, Dec 5, 2022 🌸

Tags: #gamedev #indiedev #popits #ordy #portfolio #gamemaking

So what I should do is keep building the portfolio of my terrible games. I made 5 games two years ago, but they did not work well. So the lesson I learned is that one month is not enough to make a quality game. I pivo…

🌸 Mon, Dec 5, 2022 🌸

ChatGPT is my psychotherapist now. It telling me all fax No Printer.

🌸 Mon, Dec 5, 2022 🌸

Tags: #art #gaming #youtubecontent #twitchstreaming #3dmodeling #gamedev #music #corporateslavery #algorithm

I am getting mixed signals. In general, everybody is saying that being an artist is not the path to riches. Only a fraction of a percent become rich. Game development is …

🌸 Mon, Dec 5, 2022 🌸

Anime chord progression: IV V iv or bVI bVII i

🌸 Mon, Dec 5, 2022 🌸

Are you present in the moment?

🌸 Mon, Dec 5, 2022 🌸

Tags: #twitch #streaming #advertising

It feels like Twitch adjusts the volume of advertisements to match the streamer’s volume, which is awesome if true.

🌸 Fri, Dec 2, 2022 🌸

Tags: #code #coding #programming #earlyreturns

Prefer early returns in the functions. It makes your code flatter and easier to read.

auto MyClass::updateDifficulty(int val) -> bool
  const auto cfg = getCfg();
  if (!cfg)
    return false; // <--- early re...

🌸 Fri, Dec 2, 2022 🌸

Tags: #vi #blender #modality #ui #uxui

Modality is bad except for vi and Blender. jk, honestly, I think if you do it well, it’s okay.

🌸 Thu, Dec 1, 2022 🌸

Tags: #memory #bed

I have no memory of making the bed today, and yet here I am staring at a made bed. Somebody must have made it; I assume it was me.

🌸 Wed, Nov 30, 2022 🌸

IMO, QA should be part of the development team.

🌸 Wed, Nov 30, 2022 🌸

Tags: #games #marketing #sales #PR #steam #youtube #tiktok

So currently, for a successful game, you need an army of sales, marketing, and PR personnel, and I hate it. I am wondering if it would be possible to fix it. I want good games to bubble up magically by themselves without…

🌸 Tue, Nov 29, 2022 🌸

Tags: #realstory #fired #nothing

I was talking to my friend, and the conversation got to the point when I asked:

“Have you ever been fired?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“For what were you fired?”

“For nothing.”

“For nothing?”

“Yes, I had been doing nothing in that firm for two yea…

🌸 Tue, Nov 29, 2022 🌸

Just keep swimming

🌸 Mon, Nov 28, 2022 🌸

Tags: #grammarly #language

Grammarly just sent me a report:


You were more accurate than 27% of Grammarly users.

This is why I am using Grammarly, I cannot grammar even if you put a gun against my head. 😂

🌸 Mon, Nov 28, 2022 🌸

Tags: #parenting #parentalcontrols #design #law

Parental Controls systems are usually garbage. They are poorly implemented, kids find a way how to break them, and that systems are horribly designed, sometimes tightened by a law forcing them to in optimal designs. At some point, …

🌸 Sun, Nov 27, 2022 🌸

Tags: #UnrealEngine #CPlusPlus #NavMesh #GameDev #AI

Pawns can avoid other pawns in the path-finding. Just set bUseRVOAvoidance to true


auto movementComponent = Cast<UCharacterMovementComponent>(viewer->GetMovementComponent());

🌸 Sun, Nov 27, 2022 🌸

AppImage crash: “The display compositor is frequently crashing. Goodbye.”

Just add --no-sandbox in terminal.

Example: ./MyApp.AppImage --no-sandbox

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